Half Inch CRT Monitror

I was tearing apart an old VHS camera and decided to rip the LCD out of the viewfinder. Much to my suprise I find a CRT monitor not a LCD! This screen is about 1/2 inch. It has a 5 pin connector that leads to the motherboard and a chip on the bottom that says A118121. Obviously two of the conections would be V+ and ground, but what about the other three? I would like to turn this into a composite or VGA compatible screen (maybe even a crazy tiny oscilloscope) but I need some help. Any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated.

Picture of Half Inch CRT Monitror
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I just took apart a old and broken VHS-C camcorder and saw a LGR video on a half inch CRT and thought it would be a cool progect I just need help on some of these pins.

4RESTER4 years ago
On my View Finder piouts is:
Brown = Unknown
Red = GND
Orange = Composite Video Inp
Yellow = +5V (not +12V !)
4RESTER4 years ago
Pinouts for Your View Finder is overhere: http://www.insideelectronics.co.uk/camcorder-viewfinder-crt/
4RESTER4 years ago
4RESTER4 years ago
I have a very similar View-Finder, on the board is IC A118121, connector is 4-pins: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow. Pinouts is unknown :-( .
rafitf8 years ago
as far as I know the pins would be (not in order)V+,Gnd,Vid,Vid Gnd,CONT.
Plasmana8 years ago
I don't have any suggestions, but I have to say that is really cool!
pyper8 years ago
Id imagin they are in no particular order Gun heater Accelerator grid Vertical Scan Horizontal scan and presumably a common ground,
}{itch8 years ago
odd coincidence! i have what looks like exactly the same viewfinder in pieces on my desk at the moment. was yours from a panasonic camera? I've been meaning to try and do something with it for a while, have you had any look displaying anything?
}{itch }{itch8 years ago
Actually i think mine might be slightly different , it doesn't seem to have the 5 pin connector, and the board is slightly different dimensions.
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