Halloween '07 t-shirt give-away! Only 2 Smalls left

We're unpacking the last boxes at our new offices, and found a small stash of vintage t-shirts from our 2007 Halloween contest!  Want one?  Of course you do:  they're green, with a picture of a deranged, tool-wielding pumpkin on the front! 

Here's how to get your free vintage Instructables Halloween t-shirt:

1) Have a Pro account
2) Comment on this Forum post to claim your t-shirt size (we still have 11 0 mediums and 8 2 smalls!)
3) Give away 5 patches to people you think are awesome
4) Reply to your previous comment with the names of people you've patched

I'll give you 5 more patches to replace the ones you gave out, and send you a t-shirt!

NOTE: if you're not a small or medium but still want to participate, you can designate your shirt to go to someone else as a gift. 

Picture of Halloween '07 t-shirt give-away! Only 2 Smalls left
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Gjdj37 years ago
I don't know how recently this has been updated, but is there still a shirt left?
Gjdj3 Gjdj37 years ago
*Size medium?
canida (author)  Gjdj37 years ago
Yes - patch away, and you can have the last Medium!
Gjdj3 canida7 years ago
Alright, I sent my 5 awesome patches to 5 awesome instructables members!

n8man7 years ago
 Can you hold on to a small, I will be a-patching tonight or tomorrow
n8man n8man7 years ago
 Finally got to patching

Lithium Rain
canida (author)  n8man7 years ago
Repatched!  Tshirt soon.
n8man canida7 years ago
Is there still a small left? I'd be more than happy to send out 5 patches. :D
I'd need moar patches though. :D
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