Halloween 2008 Contest is Coming!

Our favorite holiday of the year is coming next month and we're going to be celebrating with the Halloween 2008 Contest!

We're teaming up with a whole bunch of awesome sites, including the whole team from last year ( PopSci, MAKE, and Craft ), and should have some excellent prizes. This is going to be the BIGGEST Halloween contest on the web!

The contest will run from Oct. 1 to Nov. 9, so get ready!

If you're anxious to put out a Halloween-themed Instructable, whether full Instructable, Slide Show, or Video, you can put it up at any time. Any Instructable posted since the end of last year's Halloween contest is eligible. That means that if you posted it on Nov. 5, 2007, you're totally fine! We don't want any spooky Instructable to be missed for this one.

Photos and videos on other platforms will have to be posted during the contest period.

Stay tuned for more details!

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marc929 years ago
Today is Oct. 5 and I'm not seeing the contest. Where is it? Or is it just a glitch with my computer?
nope, it does not look like it is up.
Hmm.....I wonder why not.
ChrysN marc929 years ago
I was wondering about that too, I've been waiting for it, but there is a Halloween 2008 group, so that's where I put my Halloween instructable for now.
marc92 ChrysN9 years ago
Thanks. I haven't seen that group yet but I will definitely post to it. I want the contest to be up so i can see what the prizes are.
ChrysN marc929 years ago
Me too, I'm sure there'll be some great prizes!
marc92 ChrysN9 years ago
Judging by the prizes last year, these should be amazing.
Doctor What9 years ago
I'm going to blow you all away!
Honus9 years ago
Woohoo! Now if I can just finish this thing in time-
Kiteman Honus9 years ago
Oh, goodness me.

Even if you don't get the whole thing finished and decorated, you could still publish the control mechanism, so people could have anything the wanted moving like that.

Maybe replace the gun with a parrot?
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