Halloween Costume Ball

Come one, come all, to our Halloween Costume Ball!

The festivities commence at 6:30pm on October 27. Bring your friends, family, costumes, snacks, and enthusiasm- we'll supply the fabulous venue, music, more snacks, roof deck, and skyline view of San Francisco.

This time the Show & Tell project is your costume! Build, sew, assemble, hot-glue, knit, or weld something awesome, and wear it with pride. If you don't have a costume come anyway, and build one here! Pose in your costume in front of our spooky backdrop, and enter your photo in the Halloween contest! Awesome prizes await.

Things to do:
Eat Jesse's birthday cake
Make costumes
Bob for apples
Carve pumpkins
Whack Halloween pinatas
Pose for a ghoulish costume photo shoot
Dance to spooky music
Try ghost writing (laser etching- bring your phone!)
Watch classic monster movies

The party starts at 6:30pm on Saturday, October 27th.
Bring yourself, your costume, your friends and family, and something to eat or drink.

The Halloween Costume Ball will feature costume making, bobbing for apples, dancing, ghostly writing (laser engraving), monster movies, a ghoulish photo shoot, and Halloween Pinatas with enough candy to rot your fangs out!

There will be a dancing on the roof deck, weather permitting, and a movie room showing non-stop monster classics!

Come early for pumpkin carving. We'll have tools and a few pumpkins on hand, but you can bring your own!

Have something to demo or display? Let me know, and we'll get you table space.

This event is kid-friendly- we'd love to see their costumes too, and will run the interactive events before bedtime.

RSVPs requested, though not absolutely required- we need a decent crowd estimate to ensure enough tricks and treats for everyone! Drop me a PM or email at canida at instructables dot com.

We'll see you there!

Instructables HQ
The Squid Labs Control Tower
2175 Monarch St.
Alameda, CA 94501

We'll see you there! Eric and I will be wearing our elf costumes.

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zachninme10 years ago

Yes, Zach?

Are we free on the 27th?

I think so, why?

We've been invited to a party!

No, we are not flying out to California.


For one, you have school, and its just a party. No.

B...butt... butt

(I sulk)


Tetranitrate10 years ago
MOM! I'm going out. If I'm not back in 2 weeks I'm either dead, or I decided to fulfill manifest destiny and permanently moved out to the land of the setting sun.
Bran John Smith10 years ago
That's the Land of the Rising Sun.
John Smith Bran10 years ago
Stupid link tool.
Could you convince my mom to let me go too?
Lucky... your mom is dumb... (hint: dumb, in that sentence, did not mean stupid.)
Parental Units?

What now, Josh?

What are we doing on the 27th?

Uh, I don't think anything... why? Do you have to go back to Stony Brook University to do Research again?

Um... Kind of....

What, then?

Well... I have to go to California to do Research...

Why is your mentor in California?

Um.... she was invited to a Halloween party.... ca...

No, Josh....



(sulking muffins)
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