Halloween Costume Contest

Hello everyone!
Every year for the halloween contests we the staff have to draw some lines between props, costumes, and decor items.  This year we've decided to draw the lines similar to where actual theater companies draw their lines.  Believe it or not there is a prop union, costume union, and set union.  It helps to give us some firm definitions of what item goes into what contest!
This year we are defining costume as the following: "Something that is worn on the body to add to or create a character."
This includes any and all clothing, hair clips, jewelry, hat, and shoes!
Examples below!  If you have any questions feel free to post them here and I'll answer them to the best of my ability!
Want to enter the Costume contest?  Check it out here!

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jeferob3 years ago

I created an instructable for an airplane costume that I built; however, it is mounted to my son's tricycle. Would it be considered a Halloween costume or a prop? Also, can the same instructable be entered into multiple contests?

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)  jeferob3 years ago

So I'm pretty sure that it would be a prop, I'd have to see it to know for sure. Just enter in the contests and a community manager will make sure you end up in the right contest. You can enter 1 instructable into multiple halloween contests as long as multiple elements are there.

JM19993 years ago

What category would a hairstyle fall under?

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)  JM19993 years ago

costume! Same with makeup and nail art!

Aha, thanks for that, I will have to get to w - w- - - WORK!!

Oh, I hate that word :)

I´m having issues submitting, it says it´s under review but then when I want to check if it´s at least submitted I get the message my instructable is elegible still..

Dani653 years ago

Was wondering if putting together pieces that you don't make and some you do to create a costume qualifies as a costume that I can enter into the contest?

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)  Dani653 years ago

That qualifies you can definitely enter it!

mchau23 years ago

i am wondering my character has a mask to wear along with some wordrope tip, i guess this the costume component... but this character also have some weapon and personal belongings (not permanenantly attached), i guess this is the prop part.... I really don't wanna seperate them into intructables cus they belong to the same character!! Is It okay that i do 1 instructable on all of the above and enter both Halloween costume and prop contest?

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)  mchau23 years ago

So you can do 1 and enter it into both. However come judging we have to separate your instructable in our head. Meaning there will be steps of your instructable we will straight up ignore depending on the contest. If you consider that fine then no worries. But doing two different instructables would give you more time per each project to convince the judges and people you deserve to win. It also would give you more chances at publicity and more votes should they both get featured. You're allowed to do it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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