Halloween Prize: Zombie Gift Pack from ThinkGeek!

ThinkGeek has put up some awesome prizes for the DIY Halloween Contest! Their zombie pack will be included with all of the first prizes and grand prizes.

The zombie pack includes the new Dismember Me Plush Zombie, a Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold, a Zombie Protest t-shirt, and The Zen of Zombie and The Zombie Survival Guide books.

Picture of Halloween Prize: Zombie Gift Pack from ThinkGeek!
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bumpus9 years ago
a Zmbie Brain Gelatin Mold

I do believe that is 'Zombie'
You are going to misspell someting one day and I will be there!
*something. Haha.
aww bumpus was suposed to find that
Technically speaking, I am a zombie... should I be offended by this gift package?
JellyWoo9 years ago
Plasmana9 years ago
Cool! :-(
KentsOkay9 years ago
Brain jello...