Halloween Props

Hi I need to get motion sensors to stop working in store bought Halloween props and have it run all the time its turned on? Can anyone Help Please???

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Goodhart10 years ago
Another solution might be to wire up a 555 to slowly flash a red LED in view of the sensor(s) to keep them activated.
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
I know this was overly simplistic but it did offer a solution without need of "reverse engineering" the device.
whatsisface10 years ago
You need to be more specific. What kinds of sensors are they?
TotalTnT (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
I not sure One detects sound and motion. I dont really know how to answer your question.
I dont really know how to answer your question.

You need to understand your own question before you would have a chance with the answer;-)


Pat. Pending
Ain't that the truth....btw, the answer is 42.
Ah Hitchhikers, where would we be without you?
i dont know... maybe we need to build a giant super computer to figure out the answer for that question... also, i feel ripped off on my hitchhikers book... "dont panic" is not printed on it.
One needs to know the right question, in order to get the correct answer.
TotalTnT (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
I didnt understand his question because in the original question i posted i said they was Motion sensors. So i thought he needed more info. Maybe you guys need to read a little better and be a little more considerate. For those who tried to help without being a smart a$$ Thank You.
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