Halloween contest - entering previously published instructables.

In the rules for the Halloween Props contest it says that only instructables published after the contest start date are eligible (as in most every contest) yet I see that one entries instructable was published in February? and another in November of last year? Does this mean I can enter old instructables as well?

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Since we are only allowed to submit our projects to 3 contests, does anyone know how I can un-submit from a project if I made a mistake and chose the wrong one? Thanks!! :)
Easy.. click on "How to Enter" on the contest that you want to remove your entry from.. and beside your instructable there should be in brackets the word "Remove"... just click that and you are done... :-)
awesome - thanks!! :)
mikeasaurus5 years ago
You said:
"it says that only instructables published after the contest start date are eligible"

Can you please direct me where you see that? The contest is open to Instructables published from November 8, 2011 to November 7, 2012 as shown on the How To Enter page.
Official rules: https://www.instructables.com/contest/halloween2012props/?show=RULES

Section A, part 2, sub-part 4 states:

4. Projects published prior to the Start Date are not eligible for entry. You may not register the same Instructables project in more than three (3) Instructables contests in total. Further information about entry can be found in Section B below.
Right, so anything published after to the start date (November 8, 2011) in eligible until the end date (November 7, 2012)
The legalease makes it confusing. The Halloween contests are open to everything from the defined special "start date" for this contest which goes back to the end of the last Halloween contest in November 2011. So everything published before the "announcement" of the contest and in that timeframe is eligible. You can go ahead and enter your giant alphabet block as a decoration entry. By the way, the extended entry dates are a tradition that ibling is year round to make something awesome for Halloween that can take all year which is the big draw for the year. Good luck.
enter that in the prop category too!
Kiteman5 years ago
See the "How to Enter" page.

Instructables published since the close of the last Hallowe'en contest are eligible - anything from Nov 8th 2011 onwards.