Halloween contest

Here is my front yard that I do every year for Halloween. I use a variety of techniques, mostly Rigid Foam Insulation that is glued and carved for the tombstones and columns.

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thats really cool! ive done a super cool yard 4 halloween too! we boght a new wroght iorn fence for our yard just before halloween so i encorperated it in the decor! we used tons of fog and i made some pneumical characters to jump up from the fog to scare trick o treaters!!!!!!!! soooo cool! I even had some friends to get up in professanal costumes and sneak up on the kids while they were getting their candy. when theey turned around they were face to face with their nightmares! i didnt spend alot too! awesome! check out my instrucables (makin them now) or e-mail me! if u wanted to find out more!!!!!!!!!
KoolKat11 years ago
That's amazing. Wish you lived in my boring neighborhood.
mever11 years ago
WOW, that's some nice work. Almost a shame to take it down.after haunting season.
intoon11 years ago
That is awesome. I would like to do something like that, but I don't have enough space to store all of that stuff during the off-season!
mkoorie (author)  intoon11 years ago
I don't either, so I have to rent a commercial storage space.
ewilhelm11 years ago