Halo 4????

Is there going to be a halo 4? I've heard there will be a new one called Halo Chronicles. But the storyline is unknown, but what could it be? Anybody have any ideas? Or where to find info about it. Come on People. The fate of the Chief is on the line. And the fate of Halo.

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Halo 4 has been confirmed along with Halo 5 and Halo 6! Get ready to party!!!
seabananers7 years ago
halo reach
ry25920 (author)  seabananers7 years ago
Nope, that's based before halo wars... reach -halo wars- halo 1- halo 2- halo3/ ODST- chronicles (cancelled)
Merugop8 years ago
The halos i know Hal01 Halo2 Halo3 Halo wars Halo recon
Mandudehey8 years ago
nah bro, there no halo 4, im a beloved fan..diehard..sadly i think its over other than halo ODST
e3 2009, microsoft confrence, bungie time, end of halo 3 odst trailer, halo: reach!!!!! man their milking it for every dollar....
There is no Halo 4 however, but there is a Halo Chronicals comming out soon. It is more like Age of Empires. You command platoons of spartans.
now its called halo wars, which was ok....
i thought that was halo wars halo wars was the prequel of combat evolved but its a 3rd person shooter like AOE
Not third person shooter, Real Time Strategy
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