Halo Movie

While i was looking around the internet, i found out that there was a movie called halo, and then i looked at the news, the movie was based on halo. its production has been halted, due to the fact that the two studios backed out before the production could be finish, because like the Tome Raider, they think that i will not be as good as the games. if you have any opinion about this, post away, and ect.

Picture of Halo Movie
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Armaggedon9 years ago
When is it coming out? what is it rated for?
Halo: Landfall

That video RULES. Watch it all the time on my friend's Xbox 360.
whatsisface9 years ago
Games as a rule are dire when they get converted to movies. Take Tomb Raider or DOOM for example, they just don't work.
Dom and Tomb raider were works of art compared to this.
Wow, I now think there is a genuine Goomba threat to New York :D
Vendigroth9 years ago
*foams with opposition to halo* Hate the game.....It's just surfing on Gordon's popularity.
That's similar to the pic i've got.
Mr.Roboto (author)  whatsisface9 years ago
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