Halo Plasma Rifles: Sci-fi or a real possibility?

Could a Halo-esque plasma rifle be built, even theoreticaly? what kind of power would it need and what would the meterial it ionizes be? discuss!

Picture of Halo Plasma Rifles: Sci-fi or a real possibility?
ilpug2 years ago
It could be done, but it would be huge and not portable, and you might set the atmosphere on fire.
+1 and you would probably have very little ammo.
Actually, ammo probably wouldn't be a problem. The main issue would be getting the ammo to go very far.
True. Well I'm guessing it'd run on batteries which would probably drain pretty fast.
Yeah... I can't see it being carried on anything other than a truck or something.
well, in the halo story , the plasma rifles where made by aliens, witch have forien stuff and probably batteries that are WAY more effective than ours and have a way to make plasma so it is possible
Sessha2 years ago
so figure out how to ignite contain and launch thermite sounds possible from this side of the galaxy not sure how to go about it but I think some will figure it out race ya lol
peterwyman2 years ago
Its possible in theory only i think.
Plate Cutting Machines
jlund2 years ago
It can be built but it won't look like the game plasma I a liquid it is thousand of degrees so in reality the armor in halo would not really stop it it would just melt lol. Sucks for Emil. But you would have to have something to heat some metal beads up in to plasma the hard part is launching it far enough to do anything so yes it can be built but it's hard and gona be heavy and EXPENCIVE
makerboy1123 years ago

Ahh, I was at school one day thinking about them. I thought if you had an electrical current going through 2 rods (that would probaly form an arc) and comppressed air or something could fire out a rod in between the to rods and the current may have followed it. But you would have to have and incredible source of power, and it would only go a short range. But I dont know if you'd call it a plasma gun. Its more of a electricity type-gun.

Well, thats my theory.
I'll be waiting for a PM or acomment back.
Thank you,

maybe a water gun? and besides, the plasma appears to spontaneously generate between the arms of the gun and some force propels it at high speeds hundreds of yards. ps the "force" is a magnetic field that theoretically, could be made to envelope the plasma and suddenly demagnetized so that the 'envoloped" plasma is pushed away by magnetic force. have u ever read the halo books?
No, I dont play games that often
did u even read my post? i said books not game
Well, it would need a powerful battery to convert the raw plasma into 'shots' or 'blasts'
It would also need a strong outer shell of course, and some where inside to keep the plasma, and a source of plasma for the gun.
this is all guessing, I barely know what I'm saying
why does everyone want the plasma INSIDE? why not make a small iron pellet capable of holding a magnetic field for a few seconds and surround that with plasma?
REA4 years ago
first you would need an energy source that is compact and powerful and can last long (find a way to spin a wheel of magnets and it might work), a way to get plasma to form and stay around an object, and some Krispy Kreme doughnuts to celebrate.
teddy1998 REA3 years ago
umm... maybe one of those little engines used to power toy cars?
Capn howdy (author)  REA4 years ago
Maybe I should make an instructable on cold fussion then. WHO WILL JOIN ME?? haha
REA Capn howdy4 years ago
i would join if i knew how to do it. but wiki doesnt have instructions like they sometimes do.
kid34 years ago
How to condense it. if you put the atmospheric gases in a meltable capsule, suppose, plastic. Then you would have an electric shock through the capsule. The plasma capsule could be held like a traditional bullet, but in place of the primer on a shell it would be conductive metal, like steel with gunpowder in the cartridge behind the capsule. then a shock would run through the powder and propel the capsule. Finally the plasma would probably solidify
teddy1998 kid33 years ago
so ur saying an incendiary bullet or at least a super heated one
Trooper144 years ago
Plasma is the 4th state of matter. It is only found on the sun and in lighting. U would pretty need some kind of souped up tazer. As far as the game goes, the plasma rifle in the halo series gives u the power of the sun in ur hands. The true question here is how to weaponize solar plasma?       (Blood plasma is a completly different thing!)
kid34 years ago
what about a nuclear power source. and the only substance that can handle that type of heat is tungsten carbide. starwing 123, plasma doesn't necessarily have to have heat to be effective just momentum. and ionized carbon could work to.
Masterdude4 years ago
starwing1234 years ago
It could work if we develop future compact powerful technologies, but it would require an enormous amount of energy, enough to produce a small nuclear explosion if you want any decent range. A rail gun or laser would be much more efficient because plasma cools in the air very quickly.
Anything is possible!
ummm acully there r some impossable things (like breaking the laws of physics because if you break one the scientist change it to make it impossable lol)

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