Halo Reach Glitch?

Ryry2011 and I were playing Firefight on Halo Reach, and Ive never seen this happen before. I killed a Jackal and it dropped the beam rifle, It stood straight up on its barrel and wouldn't fall down. I tried a grenade, bunting, walking at it. I couldn't pick it up either.

Picture of Halo Reach Glitch?
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Plo Koon4 years ago
do you have to unlock them or wat?
Plo Koon4 years ago
YES! this type of thing is something that me and my brothers have long wanted. do u play it on areas of the campaign levels, multiplayer maps, or does firefight have its own maps?
Plo Koon4 years ago
Sometimes a game will get a hitch in it for no apparent reason. 1 time i was playing Halo 1 and a plasma pistol got stuck on a wall insted of falling. It just stuck there and spun around making noise.

P.S. wat is firefight? i dont have a 360.
DJ Radio4 years ago
You still play Reach?
I personally like reach better than four . . . I just do
1 is still the best.
ehh in my opinion reach is better but don't get me wrong I like halo 1 as well (its better on PC though)
DJ Radio4 years ago
The main issue with Halo 4 is that 343 is a brand new developing company that's taking over an already well-established series, and obviously, they made some mistakes along the way such as removing descope. Halo 4 has changed a lot since it's release though, I think it's much better now than when it first came out.