Halo Reach forge world Racetracks

So I recently got Halo Reach, and I started messing around with Forge a few weeks back.  After a deleted prototype, I ended up making "Infinite 8", a racetrack map that has nice wide tracks and is shaped like the infinity logo.  It's not quite done (I'm still debating on whether to add grav lift boosters and obstacles) but I have a video of what I have so far on Youtube:

If you want, you can post videos of your own forge world maps too!

UPDATE:  here is me running a finished version of my course:

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smanzie46 years ago
how do you play your forge map online?
DJ Radio (author)  smanzie46 years ago
You need a xbox live gold account first. Register an account on bungie.net and link your gamertag to the account. To download my maps, go click the link in the descriptions of my vids.

If you want to play them ONLINE, start a custom game, invite some friends to your party, pick my map, and set the gametype to "Race", unless it's my wild west map, which you set to "Slayer" or "CTF". There is no way to play my maps in matchmaking.
thanks ;)
DJ Radio (author) 6 years ago
So I remade the track:

NIce track but some suggestions more jumps and maby more obstacles. 4.5*
DJ Radio (author)  KnexFreak3606 years ago
You're right, obstacles are a bit sparse on the inclines.
Have you made anymore maps lately, Thats one of the reasons I like halo a lot custom maps.
DJ Radio (author)  KnexFreak3606 years ago
I made a non-racetrack map called "Wild west". Check it out on my channel.
k will do, Do you have an xbox360 or ps3
DJ Radio (author)  KnexFreak3606 years ago
Why would you ask that? If I didn't have a 360 how the hell could I play Reach?
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