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This is forum halo1 to the last halo ever

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harpuia8 years ago
my mistake, the beginning is the movie trailer but the 2nd part is not. the question is why does it say Halo 3 finish the fight? Hell if I know.
It says finnish the fight because Halo 3 is the last Halo game for that series, but Bungie might make more Halo related games.
harpuia8 years ago
I hope you all know this isn't a trailer for the movie. If you go to imdb or what ever and type in halo it will give you the movie which is about the original halo game which means no Brutes from halo 2 & 3. That proves this is not a trailer but a fan film or something else. Case closed
Domo Arigoto Mr.Roboto for this topic I beat every Halo game, and I can wait for Halo Wars and Halo Recon.
Spl1nt3rC3ll10 years ago
Halo: Landfall. The first half you have probably seen, the second is new.

wow. that was uber pwnage. i love halo.
they should make a movie because that was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr.Roboto (author) 10 years ago
I hear that there is another Haloon the way, and sorry, i ment the very, very first halo.