Halo Weapons that should be Invented...!

We should come up with a list of halo weapons that have not been invented yet...Such as a good SMG, or a Beam Rifle, or a good assault rifle...the list goes on.  Also, if any one already has one of these topics/threads, I did not see it, so I started this one.

Picture of Halo Weapons that should be Invented...!
Halo Plasma Rifle.gif
Halo Beam Rifle.gif
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i WILL be posting a halo 4 sniper rifle once i perfect it
Good, cant wait to see it. Sub?
DJ Radio5 years ago
S0lekill3r has made an amazing Halo SMG years ago. DRADIS made an amazing plasma rifle. I'm not sure about the beam rifle but I think some dutch guy made one out of knex too.
Well, I DRADIS's is oooookkkkkkk, but not "amazing."
Still better than every other plasma rifle replica out there.
True dat...
never new all that cool
ok ill set it up when i get hoome from school(im there now)
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