Hammerhead Glider Z Prototype coming soon

Hammerhead glider Z Prototype coming soon.

Z Prototype vs II

# A lot faster than II like in lighting speed.
# Heavyer.
# Less glider.

Picture of Hammerhead Glider Z Prototype coming soon
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Aerofan6 years ago
where is it?
Perhaps this could be a contender in Paper Airplane Contest 7...
wat. (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer6 years ago
vishalapr6 years ago
Wow can't wait for you to make an instructable on this one!
wat. (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
Well, it will be in this month! :D
vishalapr wat.6 years ago
Aerofan6 years ago
does it go longer ranges then the Hammerhead Glider II?
wat. (author)  Aerofan6 years ago
No because it is less glider than the II because it is more of a sport plane than a glider because of the 1cm less in width and the wing is down than up.