Hammerhead Urban S-493

The Hammerhead Urban S-493 is a paper airplane that is reinvented from a Hammerhead C-367 [greatest paper airplane ever better invention] and that 2 Hammerhead from the past made the Hammerhead Urban S-493 and what have improved is that is more steady than it's past Hammerhead. It's fast too and further than the Hammerhead from it's past too.

Picture of Hammerhead Urban S-493
Aerofan7 years ago
super cool!!! when does it come out?
wat. (author)  Aerofan7 years ago
It won't come out in Instrutables but the X-720 [Replacing the X-699] will come out in Instrutables by January 2011.
Aerofan wat.7 years ago