Hamster's heating pad

The winter is on it way. I'm having a hamster, a winter white, but the last winter his caught cold and it cost very much for him to cure him. I don't want my hamster to be sicked any more, so I made a heating pad for him. I used this instructable  http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-heated-clothing/ and I found it is very well. I use a two - meter 26 - gauge wire, and it only result in a 0.15 ohm resistance. With an 1.5 v voltage, It work well and i need a 10a fuse to protect this circuits:) But last week it overheated and my hamster was burned, quite bad. I'm wondering if there is a solution to this. Would you mind giving me a circuit in which:
- there is a thermistor to sense the temperature.
- If the temperature is to high (30 celcius degrees ), it gives a relay some voltage and the relay breaks the heater circuits.
- And it component should be popular, cause I'm a kid and don't have many time go round n' round to find them.
Me and my hamster will very appreciate your kindness. Thanks all.

Toga_Dan8 months ago

many people with animals use heat lamps. Less likely to cause a burn than somethin in contact with skin.Animal canchoose to be close or far from it. This is less likely to cause fire than somethin in contact with bedding.

steveastrouk11 months ago

Just use a little light bulb from a car. They have more than enough power for a little guy like a hamster. Put it under his sleeping area, not IN his sleeping area, and you can control the heat with a cheap thermostat.

vietanisme (author) 1 year ago

Oh yeah. Thanks so much, but, u know, I'm vietnamese, and in vietnam it is very hard to get an arduino. Can you show me some simplier board.

wilgubeast1 year ago