Hand Wrench Shows Bad Puns Can Go Too Far

It's a "hand" wrench. Get it? By Paul Julius Martus.

Thanks to Core77

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Plasmana7 years ago
It's a "hand" wrench. Get it?


All I can say is.. Huh?

Im sorry, I can never really understand any puns, lol :(
Plasmana,   think of puns this way: 

They are just another way to use the same word or a word sounding very close to the one used.

With hand,  one can "hand" you a  hand wrench,  that you could then learn to be "handy" with.   It just takes a little practice really (and use of a good dictionary ;-) 
See if you can get this one:

                  "You lie like a rug"
The visual pun is that a normal adjustable open-end wrench (which I think in the UK is called a spanner?), is operated by hand.  This wrench has had it's working end (the open hexagonal shape with adjustment screw) modified to look like a real hand.  Hence, a "hand" wrench.
I think I get it, its name is a "hand wrench" (yeah, they call em spammers here, but I still call them wrench, hehe) like other tools which has two (or more) names such as "power drill" and long-nosed pliers", am I right? :D
crapflinger7 years ago
i think the pun is for when someone tells you to "hand tighten" a fitting which generally means to only tighten the fitting as much as y ou can without a wrench
You really "wrenched" that pun around  LOL ;-) 
alright, everyone together now


i can imagine you chuckling to yourself as you typed that.
Well, it does happen to be one of my more poorly constructed puns :-) 
acidbass7 years ago
 lol very unusual design wish they had those in my old shop
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