Hand-blown Sculpture Amazes, Illuminates

Take a good look at these crazy and beautiful hand-blown light sculptures. Prices are in the range of $200 - $1,300 and look like they're not recommended if you have small kids in the house, but hey, they come with a free filament replacement.

artist page

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Picture of Hand-blown Sculpture Amazes, Illuminates
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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
WOW! I want them!
Patrik9 years ago
Wonder what he uses for filament - or where he gets his filament, for that matter...
Goodhart9 years ago
Very interesting.
nc429 years ago
check out my friends site he made a fully working hand blown spinning wheel that's insane. Andy Paiko Glass
Kiteman10 years ago
Very nice, and i totally agree with the "small kids" comment.

Some of them kind of look like the artist had hiccups when he blew them.