Handhend Nintendo 64 (Nicknamed the Retro64!)

Many of you have seen my NES portable Instructable. Hopefully it was helpful to those of you wanting to make your own portables.

Gathering information from www.forums.benheck.com (of which I am a member) I build a Nintendo64 portable. :D N64 is my favorite system, and I figured it'd provide an interesting challenge. I decided to make it the smallest while I'm at it, and this N64 portable is currently the smallest ever made.

You can see the News topic here, (has much more pictures) and the 22-page WIP topic here.

Just so you know in advance, I am not making an Instructable for this one. There is tons of information in the N64 section at the forums, and the N64's board is extremely well-labeled anyway.

Comments? :)

Picture of Handhend Nintendo 64 (Nicknamed the Retro64!)
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This is so COOL :))
triforce6 years ago
You did an awesome job! I am working on my first portable, what kind of battery are you using and how long does the charge last?
1up (author)  triforce6 years ago
It's a 6000mAh, 7.4v, Li-ion camera battery. It lasts about 4 hours.
JPARC76 years ago
You really did an amazing job! Cool creation!
The paracord knots
next up, a portable psp. =D
lol, i think psp is already portable
metalcookie8 years ago
sorry, i didn't look at your topic on benheck. that is amazing for a portable with internal batteries. what regulator did you use? pth08000 or 08080?
1up (author)  metalcookie8 years ago
I used the PTH08080.
metalcookie8 years ago
that is a great portable, but not the smallest. check this one out!
the portable you built looks very professional, and it deserves a lot of admiration.
great work!
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