Hang glider

I'm thinking about building a hang glider, just for low altitude ( nothing more than 30-0 feet) but i have no experience, any suggestions for building?

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ularkusut9 months ago

dont do it without any experience. this is one life we are talking.

JonnyW61 year ago

My advice; you should totally do it! Don't attach it to anything with a motor, or jump off anything taller than a few feet. There is a very high probability that you will get hurt, maybe even break an arm or something, but you will probably not get high enough to kill yourself. It is not unrealistic for a hang-glider made from trash bags, duct-tape, and wood to get you a few feet off the ground before it falls apart, or you realize how unstable it is and crash or chicken out. Either way it is much more worth doing than sitting around playing video games. Wear a helmet (of course) and pads, or at least duct-tape a pillow to your chest and back. Make sure you bring a friend to shoot a video to reference when you are telling the story to your grand-children.

If you get 4-5 feet off the ground, you will be a YouTube star; if you get more than 10 everyone will say you are an i###t (apparently that word is banned).

They banned the word "idiot" from YouTube?

I tried to post it with the word Idiot, and it gave me an error. Maybe it was something else...

Probably something else.

_nicos2 years ago

I fly hang gliders, and while the look simple, they aren't.

Please don't do this if you intend on flying said wing... it is more than likely to kill you.

Please rethink your plans a little... I would look out of a second story window, and think of how bad it would hurt to fall from it. THAT is only 14 feet! You are braver than I if you aren't afraid to fall from 30ft. Maybe rent one first, or take some lessons just to get the "Hang" of it.

minijc4 years ago
Loserima to own or fly a wing suit you need to have completed a minimum of 200 skydives.
Kiteman minijc4 years ago
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bigbuck994 years ago
i think you should make a small model first and go from there

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