Happiness is . . .

. . . creosoting four-by-twos with a big floppy brush.

(That's REAL creosote, not the namby-pamby wishy-washy preservative they sell nowadays.)

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monsterlego4 years ago
Gummy bears, nuff said.
Happiness is a good bowl movement after being constipated for six months.
iceng4 years ago
Wearing glove and a tyvek coat while creosoting.
that would be the namby-pamby wish-washy method of applying the creosote. Figuring out how to get it off of your hands and face and favorite pair of blue jeans and white tennis sneakers without using toxic flammable solvents is half the fun.
AndyGadget (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago


Although I admit I was wearing PVC gloves and old clothes. I've learned from past experience that when you're doing things like that, the flicked drops go much further that you ever expect (even when you take into account they're going to go much further than you ever expect.)

(Tyvek coat and rubber gloves - Whatever floats your boat, Alex #;¬)
Try these on for size. I didn't need the respirator-filter, but it still got Fn hot inside that cylinder.
AndyGadget (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
That's a fancy garden shed you've got there, Kelsey.
(Or are you creosoting your cyclotron to slow down the particle decay time?)
In 2002, the beryllium central section of the inner cylinder (the part I'm stuck inside) was cracked by an errant bolt during a major maintenance period. As the senior manager of the BaBar drift chamber, I went in and applied a patch (aluminum foil and conductive epoxy) over the ~30 cm crack.

The cleanroom suit and mask was there partly to protect me from any possible beryllium dust near the crack (despite the work done by a hazmat cleanup team), and partly to protect the drift chamber from dirty ol' me.
In 2002, as the senior manager of the Babar book collection, I used to read to Caitlin before she drifted off to sleep in her chambers. Good times.

Btw, was the other person in your pic Nacho-"now where did I leave my pack of smokes"-Mahma?.
Nope. The old bearded hippy-looking fellow was our senior lab manager and old-school engineer :-)
Had to get a TI-83 calculator for the brat going into the 8th grade. Since when did kids require a calculator for school? Kids today behind the counter can't even make change in their heads. Does anyone know what a slide rule looks like?
*googles slide rule*
Ohhhhh... slide rules are for the old folks, we kids have these newfangled things called computers that spit out an answer after we put in a problem. It's a bit like magic, nobody knows how it works.
We have a couple in the closet; I keep meaning to get them out and learn how to use them...
Versalog what I used at in HS my time-line. Made of bamboo for forever
smooth sliding.
Trick was not getting an accurate 3 digit answer No.....
The trick was placing the decimal point Yea....
Versalog Slide Rule.jpg
This is exactly like one of the ones in the old cabinet. At the risk of sounding like a whipper-snapper, it fascinates me that these used to be standard tools. :D
My dad has one somewhere - he used to use it to work out requirements for building projects involving hundreds, often thousands of tonnes of building materials (he was still using it when he was SQS at THORP, one of the largest building projects in Europe).
Haha, did you just remember, Grandpa?

(That's cool! I'd like to learn to use it, then make a very pretty, durable one entirely out of metal...)
Being an analogue device, one must calculate the coefficient of expansion of such materiels under various environmental conditions and determine its suitability for oscillating degrees of temperature and humidity which inasmuch plays a factor in the operation and accuracy of said instrument,
sadly my old wooden one doesn't WORK in humid conditions.
that must be the arithmititis acting up...
I have to say I really admire your restraint XD
< slap > because you were thinking out loud.
Hey, I would have slapped you had you not exercised it; I was just amazed. :p

Carry On is alive and well...
if they slide, they rule :-)
Don't go to heavy on metal, ( I had one as a backup )
Versalog Bamboo was and is the Best of the Best !

BTW  nobody calls me grandpa ( that's age-phobic slander :-)
my bright grand children know me as Popski ! 
Till I fade away.

Haha, I wasn't calling you grandpa, I was calling Kiteman grandpa because he apparently forgot and just remembered to reply to my comment.
Goodhart iceng4 years ago
I have one made of wood,,,,it is the extreme in hard to slide, rules....
No, just catching up on posts I'd forgotten to reply to.
Ah, I do that. >nods<
Let's not get into who's is bigger, but I had one that had a belt hook on the case and you could wear it like a light saber. There use to be contests on who was the fastest on the slide rule but he got beat by the guy working the abacus.
Your next instructable: How to use a slide rule

(Would it be too much of a stretch to suggest that it be a video instructable?)

Heeee. Do hold your breath on that one. :p
>slowly turns blue<

It could be POV - you reach around the camera so all we see is your hands and the rule.

And all we hear is your voice...
I definitely could use a refresher course.....I have 2 also
I have TWO slide rules
I'm not the one with the Shed :-)
I'm getting a new (second) shed this week, purely for storing the stuff that's stopping me getting near my work bench.
AndyGadget (author)  Kiteman4 years ago

Surely not . . . Twosheds Kiteman!

Although I am getting the second shed, and I do produce my major works in the shed I already own ...

AndyGadget (author)  Kiteman4 years ago

It's a slippery slope, Kiteman.  One day you may just inadvertently mention that you might be entertaining the idea of getting a third shed.

My garden shed.

4-The garden shed.JPG
Oh, that is so much nicer than a cheap 6x4 lap shed from B&Q ...
iceng Kiteman4 years ago
That must be a UK type shed.
An indoor B&Q ( see chimney ) would never be approved here.
AndyGadget (author)  iceng4 years ago
Ah, the chimney . . .   Currently held together with gravity and stiction.
I'll get around to putting cement back between the bricks someday.

The shed was a shepherd's bothy and appears on a 1627 map of the area, although I suspect the corrugated iron roof may not be original.  (I've found a few of the original rounded slate tiles.) 
Haha, your shed is 150 years older than the USA!

iceng Kiteman4 years ago
Felt like Clint Eastwood the "Ranger with the Big Iron on his hip"
except it was bamboo...
Goodhart iceng4 years ago
Glad we could "shed" some light on the subject ;-)
I love it!
Goodhart iceng4 years ago
no but it could be over a smithy's forge....
sunshiine iceng4 years ago
That 's not a shed in my opinion! That is a dream cabin!
Despite what it may look like, it is not, in fact, behind a turkey!
Like any endless task, you must dress for it properly.
(What movie is that from?)
Burning Man is totally devoid of man made trash.
Hard to believe butrue, come visit bring your hoodie
for protection from sandstorms :-)
AndyGadget (author)  iceng4 years ago
I'd heard of extreme ironing, but never extreme hoovering!
ostomesto4 years ago
Happiness is ...
LIke peeing your pants, everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth
* cleanup, aisle 5 *
caitlinsdad4 years ago
...that buzzy feeling you get after sucking the fumes from the creosote. Or was that the smell of napalm in the morning....