Happy Birthday instructables!

Today, I suppose, is Instructables official 5th year anniversary! Shweet.

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techguru144 years ago
Go search Google for "the wayback machine" and search for Instructables.com to see what they looked like in their infancy - Instructables has come so far!
Kiteman7 years ago
Hmmm... Today (29th) is the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina...

Wow, very odd! I was the victim of Katrina BTW ^^
Wow! I've never met a collective before!
Possibly a hive mind?

(Do you think he was struck by lightning? It would explain a lot of his Instructables)
Haha! No... But on most summer nights (I think it is between 1AM to 4AM) you get some pretty spectacular lightning displays followed by rumbling booms. I miss that, I rarely ever see lightning strikes in England... :-(
You're living in the wrong area, then - move somewhere flatter.
Are you just the Superdome, or are you the whole southern half of Louisiana?
Nah, Im just another human being :-)
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