Happy Father's Day to me!

A perfect Father's Day - left to have a sleep in, then when I do wake up, greeted with a rather nice bottle of whiskey and an Instructable!

Thank you, Roger-X & Conker-X!

Picture of Happy Father's Day to me!
yapoyo2 years ago
By the way, are conker-x and roger-x your kids? (please forgive me if you are a grammar nazi.)
Kiteman (author)  yapoyo2 years ago
Yes, they are - those are their usernames, though, not their real names.
yapoyo Kiteman1 year ago
Of course.
iceng Kiteman2 years ago
Two of my girls took me to see Men in Black 3 (a goood movie ) and
then a road house diner with Greek wraps my favorite for
a grand father's afternoon....I enjoyed it all very much thanks girls ! !

lizzyastro2 years ago
Nice job X boys!

An 'ible is such a fitting gift for you Kiteman. Steveastrouk got one too: as a joint Father's Day & birthday present

yapoyo2 years ago
yes, happy father's day to you! You totally deserve it! So just sit back and relax!

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