Happy instructabirthday! To me!

I almost forgot! Today is my 1 year instructabirthday! It's been exactly 365 days since I joined! Hooray!!! I look forward to yet another 365 days of awesome awesomerific awesomeness with a side of cool.

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Why do you go around hating on Keith-kid? If you truly didn't care, you wouldn't say anything.
Eh....I think I have something to do with it. But don't worry, he wont be saying anything again. :P
That's good, although I was actually talking to jknight.
I thought you were talking to Radio, because he kinda....ummm..... Spammer attitude + Him trying to defend me + KK calls him coolz more than often ( I guess ) Sorry, it's kinda hard to see the comment chain..... Its 1 in the morning when I posted that, and even now the chain is really hard to identify :P
No big.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Aw, heck. He's an alright kid. He just has EPD (Excessive Personality Disorder).
um, yeah. he should have been banned, with power.
Can you please stop stirring it up again? I'm getting mighty tired of it.
i aint
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