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Does anybody use Harbor Freight Tools regularly? Somebody on here pointed them out to me, they have a retail store about 20 miles from me, and they have some pretty damn awesome deals. I'm hoping their stuff isn't too good to be true, I was planning on taking a trip up there on Sunday and buy up some stuff I've been wanting. I just don't know about the quality though, so can anybody give me reviews on their products?

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I haven't been there either - I just want to go in and wander though. Several of my coworkers have told me it's "my kind of store" - whatever that means. Sometimes I wonder if they think I'm a carpenter or something. :P $9 soldering gun sounds good, though. I need to make sure I want to go the electronics route before buying something more expensive!
The "soldering gun" is one of those big100+W things aimed at soldering big wire and metal. Not for electronics! I got it when I realized there were some things that my nice Weller temp-controlled iron wasn't up to, or shouldn't be used for. Interestingly, HF doesn't seem to have any bargains in the electronics-soldering space. There are some cheap electronics irons (20-40W) at Fry's; I don't know if they're any good.
Ah, gun being the key word, I suppose. ;) I think I'll still go have a look around. I have a little bit of money to play with and I'm curious. I think I just need an electronics kit. Otherwise I'll never get started. :P
Yep; I learned to solder putting together Heathkits. (Heathkits were great. Sigh.)
Have you seen Lady Ada's recommendations for tools ? She has some nice kits, too (although I think she overstresses the use of "3rd hand"-like rigs.) I also like the LED Blinkie kits from 2D kits, and they sell a cheap soldering iron too.
(My 9y old daughter assembled a 2dkit 19-led blinkie with direction but little actual assistance. It's not as hard as the multitude of tutorials might imply.)
I have a cheap 25W iron from maplins, when I say cheap I mean £3 and it's good too. Also have one of those gun beasts, think about 180W (could be more it obliterated several projects) which was free with over £25 of screwfix stuff, they accidentally sent two and a random knife kit that was great.
I bought a 180 watt (1300 degF) for only $7
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
They are great! The only thing I don't like is Pittsburgh - their quality sucks What I got from them: -Drill press($60) -reciprocating saw($15) -Sander(gift) -angle grinder($15) -hammer drill($30) -chisels($2) -wood carving set(gift) -Needle file set($2) -Air compressor($100) -air impact wrench($10), etc And thats just in the last 1/2 year. I am very satisfied, and I have to go 60 miles (120 round trip) just go get there. 20 is nothing.
Just out of question. what is the shaft size on that impact wrench and has it any stones at all? We have a handheld mini one that cost £90, then again with a couple of dodgey welds on sockets it's now used to force crank the giant old front loader engine over so we can get hyraulic oil out of it (it's dead and sitting rusting so we're being environmentally responsible and saving about 300L of oil and 500L of diesel...)
its 1/2 inch Stone?
yeah I was asking if it had any stones as in metaphor for balls as in dooes it do its job, also there's alot of cheap tools out there that are pretty inaccurate about power, some are 20ft-lbs over/under in industrial tyrefitting that would be a no no, for precise things like new front loaders and the like you need a manual torque wrench and you need to weigh a minimum of ten stone, that gets exactly 500 ft-lbs of torque on the nuts... it's all dead complicated, I wonder if you could make that in to something useful...
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