Hard drive motor scavenging

Hi !

I was wondering, I saw some projects using 2,5" Hard drive brushless motors but I don't get exactly how do we manage to take them off their casing ? They seem strongly fixed and I don't see any screws holding them... Can someone help me on this ?

speakingcake (author) 3 years ago

Ok the hammer technique worked... in some ways I guess. As you can see on the picture, a part of the casing came with it, meaning the whole hard drive casing is actually part of the motor.

What's more problematic is that the three wires connecting it to the board cut off and I have now a hard time trying to figure were exactly they were arranged on the stator. I wonder how could it be prevented for the next time. Actually I even wonder if they were ever connected at all to the motor because I really dont see any other cut out copper wire. Is it possible that the three wires were just resting on three coils ? A hint comforting me in this view is that all the stator's wires seems to be connected in a big knot sealed in red wax.

What I love are the miniature specs of this motor : it's only 7mm high for 23mm diameter (which could be reduced to 20mm if you have a lathe to get rid of the disk's rest).

Little question : do anyone happen to know the torque/rpm curve of these little beasts ?

speakingcake (author) 3 years ago

Thanks for your replies ! I already saw this video above, but it's for a 3,5" Drive, sadly smaller drives (2,5) don't have any screws ! I need those because there are extremely compact, I feel other motors would be to big for some of my projects.

I think I'll try like Downunder says, tu hammer them out, I was just too afraid too try this solution but it does not seem to have other ways possible...

So far I was lucky and mostly had motors that used screws to fix them into place, makes mounting them easier too.

The ones pressed into the case are usually not worth trying to get out unless you can find a suitable size socket to hammer them out.

I found the motors from old laser printers much easier to use and some come with a driver baord that only needs the voltage applied.

The ones inside the leaser head, driving the mirror ;)

caitlinsdad3 years ago

For a laptop drive it may be smaller though.