Hardest Games You've EVER played

For me.... Burnout the first one DMC 3 on Dante Must Die FFVII Dirge Of Cerberus on Hard GTA San Andres<< NO CHEATS!!! FFXII-- finish %100 wth Zodiac Spear and finally Dystany Warriors 4<<< never get past the first 5 mins... to repedative.

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Racquet ball - even in my prime I did not have the quick reflexes necessary.
hungergme5 years ago
Sonic the hedgehog
guys the worlds hardest game is called: The Worlds Hardest Game!
oooo. nice one !!!
no really, thes a game thats named that. google it
yae pardon my french. yae Flick that. i tried it. that is bull.lol i am never playin gthat game again
too hard?
o i dont know if you or any friends you have are into LARP or foam battling but I am posting up instrcutables on how to build them. even a star wars light saber boffer weapon. check if interested. thanks
Foam-Smith5 years ago
O god. tops right now for the PS3 anyways has got to be demons souls, which is now easy, but Dark Souls really takes the cake. man that game is so unfair. but a worthy challenge for use challenging gamers!!!
the hardest game i have played so far has to be Sonic the hedgehog........and its also one of my all time favorites..........

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