Hardest Games You've EVER played

For me.... Burnout the first one DMC 3 on Dante Must Die FFVII Dirge Of Cerberus on Hard GTA San Andres<< NO CHEATS!!! FFXII-- finish %100 wth Zodiac Spear and finally Dystany Warriors 4<<< never get past the first 5 mins... to repedative.

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Racquet ball - even in my prime I did not have the quick reflexes necessary.
hungergme4 years ago
Sonic the hedgehog
guys the worlds hardest game is called: The Worlds Hardest Game!
oooo. nice one !!!
no really, thes a game thats named that. google it
yae pardon my french. yae Flick that. i tried it. that is bull.lol i am never playin gthat game again
too hard?
o i dont know if you or any friends you have are into LARP or foam battling but I am posting up instrcutables on how to build them. even a star wars light saber boffer weapon. check if interested. thanks
Foam-Smith4 years ago
O god. tops right now for the PS3 anyways has got to be demons souls, which is now easy, but Dark Souls really takes the cake. man that game is so unfair. but a worthy challenge for use challenging gamers!!!
the hardest game i have played so far has to be Sonic the hedgehog........and its also one of my all time favorites..........

ilpug4 years ago
hmfoster4 years ago
definitly pacman
Goodhart8 years ago
Ok, I think I know the hardest one for me to learn anyway....was 3-D chess.
This was the hardest game without need of fast reflexes :-)
I will now add Perplexus to that list: 3-D chess and the ultimate Perplexus.
bounty10125 years ago
Timesplitters 1, 2 and Future Perfect getting 100% on everything.
Time splitters 2 was hard!
Graf074 years ago
i think pong would have to be the hardest
triforce Graf074 years ago
I always found pong to be really easy
RSV264 years ago
little big planet 2 (ps3 exlusive) be cause u can never ever finish it (pic is from lbp1)
psp 044.jpg
Gosh, I can't get past level one!
Aron313 CapnTac4 years ago
Hey Gir!!!!
the 1st level was hard
I was gonna say NetHack, but then I saw that thing...
I used to play that game and I got to the level where the walls themselves are blue circles.
I'm on lvl 2 atm lol
I got to level 2, then I quit.
Hehe I got lvl 7
I'm stuck on 8
how many deaths?
I lost count at 100 but I'm sure it was over 100,000. I hate this game.
I got to level 14 in about an hour. I love study hall!
I am sure you did....
I got to level 4, then i posted it here.
Throws 1970's hard drive at you.
man that is hard...
Aron3134 years ago
The shadow of the colossus! I can never find out where to go and then i never know how to kill some of the colossus!
iproberry14 years ago
one is Simpsons hit and run
GASSYPOOTS4 years ago
everything is a lie nintendo ds homebrew
triforce4 years ago
Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link.
I never actually got to finish any of the Zelda games (I stink at video games) however I am trying to finish WindWaker right now but I just started so I am on Drago Roost island.
I currently am working on skyward sword, I love it I think it is better than OOT.
ElvenChild4 years ago
Any and all of the Zelda games (will you quit complaining about wind waker graphics people?!?!?) Kingdom Hearts, and Marathon (blasted pfhor!).
I loved wind waker graphics, I find them very artistic.
champion4664 years ago
Girp on Foddy.net its soooo hard
ilpug4 years ago
Hands down, it is Sonic the Hedgehog the original game for Windows 95.

I have had it since I was 8. Still haven't beaten it.
daveofwar4 years ago
Never finished Devil May Cry 3 it took me forever to pass the first boss cerberus and then i got stuck at virgil. Never got past him.
batonas4 years ago
cave of no return its an endles game realy hard and addictive my high score is 29492 see if you could beat that.
i think pong would have to be the hardest
Q-Bert, E.T. the extra terrestrial for atari (games impossible) , and indiana jones temple of doom - also for atari and also impossible lol >_<
NYPA6 years ago
Super Mario 64 DS. Took 5 damn months to bet completely.
5 months WOW, thats a long time for Mario
relocksmith4 years ago
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The First 3 Tomb Raiders, The ones on PS1.
NINJA GAIDEN 2 for xbox 360

brappz5 years ago
Are there any tricks to going faster and getting more points in solitare pro on facebook. I know if your moving an Ace to the top you can double click the card and it move for you.
KaydenST6 years ago
The end of Megaman: Battle Network
domo06 years ago
mine is some starwars game.my brother likes to play it.
Glueman276 years ago
I would say oblivian
 MW2 on veteran, the only level i beat was no russian, more classic games would be SMB,  
nfk116 years ago
the hardest game that im stuck on is amped.
Bert996 years ago
Bert996 years ago
Merugop6 years ago
Hotel mario................. just kidding it hink Super mario bros its hard to stay awake
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 for PS3. That game is F**king ridiculous. There's these guys who played it in one sitting. It's frustrating to watch even. It is so bad. But the vids are hilarious. There's like 42 hrs of em though. Watch a couple at least, i doubt you can stand more than that. It's agonizing.
The Jamalam7 years ago
THE GAME haha you all lost it now :P
how do you play that game anyways?
The whole point of the game is to forget you're playing the game. When you remember it, you shout I LOSE, and you are allowed 30 mins to forget about it until play resumes. Oh yeah.


i yell "I JUST LOST THE GAME!!!!!" in an angry voice
oh ok. I wasnt aware that such a game existed.
Matt214976 years ago
Gran Turismo 3 for the PS2 Its way to hard to get money and to turn
burnout is just not possible to play you hit every thing when you try boostin
This may not be the hardest game ever, but it is certainly the hardest racing game on the N64: F-Zero X
Also, the Mario World X Romhack. It is impossible! at one point, you have to hit a 'P' switch, then run to a block, hit another block above, then wait till the timer expires. once it does, you then have to jump at the exact moment it does, or you fall. odds of making it are probably that you have a better shot at winning the mega-jackpot at the lottery.
royalestel9 years ago
Prince of Persia 2 for the PC in 256 glorious colors was a TOUGH game (never beat that one). They took an awesome game and decided that the way to improve on it was to make it so hard you wanted to cry. Yeah. Not surprisingly, it wasn't as big a hit as the original Prince of Persia. Descent shareware wasn't really all that hard as long as you saved every ten seconds or so and ran like a dog from the end boss. But then, I never was all that great at FPS games. Majora's Mask was such a frustratingly repetitive game I quit playing it out of disgust. Impossible Mission for the C64 was tough (Did beat it once, though). Ugh, frickin RAYMAN--that wenchy game looks so kiddy and easy but frustrated the heck out of me (never finished). Earthworm Jim was along those lines, but funnier. But I think I'm going to have to go way back to Monster Maze for the Vic20. Yeah. That game was so hard for a kid it wasn't even any fun.
Rayman 2 was hella hard, never beat it too lol... but i stopped cause it was boring and its a long game.
hudlum havoc was insane hard i stomped on the disk in frustation\1!!!!!!!!!!!!
hoodlum isnt that hard... i think the hardest part on rayman2 is that i needed to go every level again to realize i need do go left from the swamp with the dragon so that i could get a stupid cure for the big friend of rayman...
well in hoodlum i couldn't get past the part where you have to collect the crowns and move left and right on the platform throwing punches at the target to make the platform move......... i gave up in frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I started Hoodlum Havoc but got bored, mostly because the physics in Rayman are really different from other games. I do like the missle minigame though.
i'm currently playing thourgh Prince of Persia 2, just got past the stupid ridiculous empress. then the stupid sword breaks! forcing you to through your enemies off the edge! then the ridiculous Dakara! Ahhh!
Man, I stopped playing when the game kept glitching with the skeletons on the rope bridge in the cave. I went online to look for advice or a cheat and they said "the game gets a lot harder from there" at which point I decided the game wasn't worth my time. Nice graphics, though. I wonder if someone could hack the game to make it actually playable?
lollolololol....my brother beat majora's mask without cheats, and got EVERY mask. also, we have a (japanese version?) legend of zelda, and the original, but haven't played the wierd one. everything is different and harder. My brother also beat ocarina of time(legend of Zelda) good days... and still are :)
Oh lots of people beat it. Just not me. I got tired of getting the masks over and over and over and over. . . every three game days. I just got fed up and stopped playing the game. Ever play Ziods for C64? Totally impossible, IMHO.
Hah -- I had Rayman for Dreamcast when I was young. I remember I beat it, eventually, but it took *years* to get past that fire temple or whatever. The plum surfing thing? That was the impossible part.

After you do that, the rest is easy ;-P
EASY?! Heh. You're a much better gamer than I, then! Didn't get past the musical notes level before I got tired of playing it.
Maybe its a different game... I don't recall a musical note level... I'm not really that good at games, so I doubt we're talking about the same game.
FaqMan7 years ago
Final Fantasy 2, 8 and dang i can't think of the other one i'll get back to you on that.
FF 2 for the NES, or the SNES (aka Final Fantasy 4)?
The Jamalam7 years ago
Guitar hero, I have only half of the songs on expert mode to 5 stars after 2 months of work.
Area 51. Some of it was due to it being scary in the beginning though...