Harry Potter Whereabouts Clock

A great Harry Potter project even non-fans will like. Ran across this while looking for interesting clock projects. The author remains anonymous on his blog. 

Magic Whereabouts Clock

Picture of Harry Potter Whereabouts Clock
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KentsOkay7 years ago
I really need to build one of these...
happyjo7 years ago
AWESOME! I want one! I remember this from the book!
kcls7 years ago
So, does it actually track something? Like, are the people on the clock hands chipped so it can say where they are?
kelseymh kcls7 years ago
Sounds like somebody didn't read the linky-link...
kcls kelseymh7 years ago
Maybe I like to comment before I read the link :D
bettbee kcls7 years ago
It relies on twitter feeds to search for specific phrases about where the family could be. I would think GPS would also be a good way to go. This could actually be a useful tool for families with kids, a quick way to really see if they are where they say they are. (Except of course if kids switch phones or lose them.)