Harry Potter crafts/projects you'd like to see?

We've got a lot of excellent stuff on the site already, but surely there are more things we could make! I've been pining for Hogwarts in general since the movies came to an end, so I'm rerouting my love in crafty ways.

I've been trying to come up with some ideas this week. I made a golden snitch necklace yesterday, and I'll be making another one and posting an instructable soon. :)

So what other things from the books/movies would you like to see? :D

Picture of Harry Potter crafts/projects you'd like to see?
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iproberry16 years ago
that thing they throw and catch to score in harry potter
A way to actually play quiddich.
love the snitch pendant! its cool

oh jeez, where do i start?

a quick-quotes quill could be handy! LOL would be able to write much neater then i can!
talking portaits!

Owl training.
jediwhiz35 years ago
The time turner has always been a cool Harry Potter gadget.
I'd like to see a soft kitty....oh wait....wrong show......never mind LOL
"Harry Potter crafts/projects you'd like to see?" Soft Kitty is a prop in the Big Bang Theory comedy :-)
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