Has Trauts left?

I haven't seen Trauts around in a while, has anyone heard from him? I know he took a lot of flaming from people who find basic physics to be too complicated; did he leave because of that?

TigerNod5 years ago
From what I heard, he leaved to KI, but I'm not sure. If he received that much flaming, then he's so right, it's the same thing I would do if I were him.
knexguy (author)  TigerNod5 years ago
He's not on KI. Flaming? I didn't realise he got flamed that much.
he didnt get flamed at all. A few people just called him a n3rd.
knexguy (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
Because of that physics post? To be honest, calling someone a nerd because they know basic physics just reflects badly on you.
how does someone else calling trauts a nerd because they know basic physics reflect badly on me? I wasnt even involved!
Ah, well, some people called him a nerd and stuff.
He doesnt have a KI account. Hes just dead.
Maybe he's on vacation?
not for this long....
Oh, wait, now that I look at the date... I think he just left without saying a word.
builder9686 years ago
i think ill pm him.
Kiteman6 years ago
It's only been three week since he commented last - could a holiday, broken computer, busy with school work or preparing a new gun. If you're really bothered, try PMing him - even if he doesn't check the site, he'll get an email from the site.
pls Kiteman6 years ago
I get e-mails from comments aswell :D
ajleece pls6 years ago
I get about 100 emails a month.
I get like 100 a day lol, all from here, even though most are just replies.
knexguy (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
I get 2000+ a month, all spam.
Lol, I don't delete mine much.
knexguy (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
Quick reply! Lol, I don't even bother looking any more.
Lol, That reply wasn't so quick, neither was this one, I'm not really looking that much, so I aint as fast as normal.
knexguy (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
When I saw it it was 13 seconds ago, but my computer was slow to navigate to the page.
Lol, my pc says your comments are from like 2 hours ago... :P
And it's chains like these that are th reason why you guys receive a buttload of emails every day. I don't get how this will help find trauts though.
pls TheDunkis6 years ago
I agree 100% :s
pls ajleece6 years ago
I don't check my email, so I use it for everything :D last time i checked i had like 3,000.
unless he types in a random non existant email or turns off email notifications (like I do)
J Moneyman6 years ago
Trauts is a good guy. i find it hard to believe that he left because people were bitchin about him. I'm pissed off.
pls J Moneyman6 years ago
What happend?
yerjoking pls6 years ago
Dude, look at his forum, people were getting pissy at him for no reason, its called "Telling a True K'Nex Guns Power".
The only thing ppl were dissing him on was his intelligence on inventing the formula in the first place. The only complaint I had on it was that it should have been a forum.
It's not even made by him. Didn't he just plug in numbers for knex guns? I don't get why he'd be dissed for anything for any reason.
pls yerjoking6 years ago
I don't see it.
I wouldn't sweat it, like Kiteman said, its only been a week...
knexguy (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
3 actually... But I won't.
TheDunkis6 years ago
Oh dear less competition... Dang it man he left with my XM8 still yet to be finished! My guess is he's either grounded from the computer or it's broken but I'm sure he's not able to have access to a computer.
knexguy (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Possibly, I may try PMing him.