Has anybody else got this?

I had an unexpected surprise today, I found this MAKE: book by the door addressed to me... (Thanks MAKE: team!) I was happy about that and I am enjoying reading this book, but then I am starting to wonder why did I receive this book...? And has anybody else unexpectedly got something from MAKE: or Instructables? (I know Goodhart got a T-Shirt from the members of Instructables.) (I can't post the picture on this forum, there is some weird error going on...)

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dombeef8 years ago
(removed by a hobo's request)
(left alone at by a hobo's request)
(kicked out of house by hobo's request)
(mispelt by a hobo's request)
(Attacked by a hobo's request and sledgehammer)
)tseuqer s'oboh a ta sdrawkcab delleps(
LOLWUT? I know what it means! lol
take that and reverse it and you will see.
Yea I know
jakee1178 years ago
that issue seemed like the coolest one too...
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