Has anybody tried painting LEDs?

Because the colors available just aren't enough and we want more.

*glances at collection of smt LEDs then at collection of nail polishes* The odds of me blowing up an LED or setting something on fire are slim, right?

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WalterH4010 months ago
djk7771 year ago

It's been a long time since some of these comments, has anyone come up with new ideas for painting LEDs? Thanks!! (and thanks for the comments already here).

ChrysN8 years ago
I thought I had a bunch yellow LEDs when I was working on a project, but I didn't so I coloured a white LED with a yellow sharpie. It worked, the light was yellow but a bit of the colour did rub of. So make sure it is a permanent ink. As long as the colour is not opaque it should work. As for nail polish, it is flammable.....
aliasjanedoe (author)  ChrysN8 years ago
"As for nail polish, it is flammable....." Yeah, hence my slight concern of setting something on fire. But LEDs aren't supposed to get hot enough that they'd ignite it, or would they? And how do you find out what markers are flammable, anyway? Any other ideas for good things to color them with?
Colored tissue paper?
aliasjanedoe (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
Isn't that just as likely to catch fire as nail polish?
No. Wait, maybe yes, in that I'm not sure you could set either of them on fire with a regular LED if you tried. Nail polish when wet is flammable because of the solvent, but when dry I don't think it will catch fire as easily as the plastic the LED is made of. Tissue paper is also flammable, but only at the temperature at which paper burns. An LED could run continuously all day and not be as warm as if you tucked it into your armpit- the small low-power types don't emit enough heat to even feel warm. The single LED in my 3W maglite gets warm enough to feel the heat if I run it for a while and touch it , but even that wouldn't be a fire hazard. tl;dr- LEDs aren't nearly hot enough, except maybe the uber-bright ones, which would probably "burn out" and stop conducting before they were hot enough to set anything on fire.
Forgot about that....Ummm, I'll have to go with the sharpie idea.
aliasjanedoe (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
Can you get sharpies in pink?
I'm not sure.
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