Has anyone been to Google today?


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salomon19967 years ago
http://www.google.com/pacman/ here it is!
Plasmana7 years ago
Damn, I missed it, but it was really cool that google did this.
According to people who study these things, the google Pacman cost the world something like 5 million lost working hours.
OMG! That is a lot!
n8man Plasmana7 years ago
You can still play it if you would like to add onto that 5 Million

Plasmana n8man7 years ago
Haha thanks! I just added a few mins to the record. :D
Goodhart n8man7 years ago
Nice.....sometimes a little unresponsive (I only did it once, at home, to "test" it ;-)
You mean it was "playable"? I saw it but didn't think to "try it"
Where there normally was "take a guess" or however it is in English there was "insert coin" if you pressed that you could play it :)
Yeah, I just didn't have the time to "see" if it was live or not. :-)
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