Has anyone been to prison?

Im starting a group about making stuff out of the few things you get while in prison. Ways to spend your time or ways to escape. I've done some time doing research in jail once but not in prison. I was hoping some current or previous inmates could share their knowledgebase.

Boat Drinks
prison life

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monsterlego5 years ago
No, and i don't plan to.
...Like shanks?
postapoc (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
I made a shank instructable but it's still in the publishing process
postapoc (author)  postapoc10 years ago
a prison knife
plim4 postapoc5 years ago
how do you make a shank like the one show in this picture
Danny postapoc10 years ago
whats a shank?
a shank is a shap peice of anthing that you scrape across the skin of victims
onrust6 years ago
I got myself into lots of trouble because I did not do "politics" well. Once I got into solitary, I had my most "fun". I did some nice paintings with M&M colors, blow guns where a blast, I had some killer hustle on TV antennas (due to the digital change over...lol), made tons of booze, but my favorite thing was "fishing". Its amazing what you can get in a cell with some string!
well the police came around to my house and nearly arrested me.
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