Has anyone else heard of Animusic?

Please scroll all the way down if the answer for you is yes for the title question!!!

Animusic 1 DVD

Future Retro

Stick Figures


These are just samples so search Animusic on youtube... or to buy the first or second dvd, go here

If the answer was yes, do you have any sheetmusic for any of the instruments? THANKS!

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Watching it right now. Phenomenal when you consider the time and effort it takes to create them. Y'all ought to try it in HD, it looks so real!!
GeekBeam7 years ago
i have i remember seeing that once when i was 4 but i thot it was generated at random now i know better(parents said it was computer generated. didnt get it) now that ive found it i listen to it every time im near a computer that i can use
Flumpkins (author)  GeekBeam7 years ago
When you were 4? How old are you?
right now i'm 13.
Flumpkins (author)  GeekBeam7 years ago
Pfft. Yeah, okay. Like you REALLY heard Animusic 5 years before their first DVD/CD was released.

? im sure i heard it before i was nine of that i'm very sure

Flumpkins (author)  GeekBeam7 years ago
Maybe you saw a commercial like a year or two before it came out.
to be honest i heard it at fry's (electronics) they sometimes do pre-releases. so yeah i did hear it before nine
Aud1073cH8 years ago
I'm not sure where you could find the sheet music. You could try looking up the names of the composers on the DVD credits. Also remember that Animusic was computer animation driven by MIDI input files... so you may be able to find the MIDI files, and use some software like Finale or Sibaleus (spelling?) to generate the score.
Doctor What9 years ago
I've seen commercials for it. Didn't really understand the point of putting them on DVD.
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