Has anyone ever done this? Will this make a massive explosion, or is there a gap?

Okay, so I have decided not to do this,but I'm just curious if anyone has done somthing simmilar to this? The design is very,very,VERY, simple,basically it is just two oxygen cylinders and two MAPP cylinders bound together with duct tape. There is an explosive device in the center (C4 or a steel pipe with blackpowder?). When the explosive device goes off, its force raptures each of the cylinders. The MAPP(fuel source, duh!) mixes with oxygen(oxidiser obviously) and heat (from the explosive device) to create one massive explosion. I'm not really going to do this, but just curious about what would happen if I did. Would it work, or is there a fault in this design? BTW- If you did or are going to try this out, please, post a video. Oh yea, and do it in the middle of nowhere where no one could get hurt,and make sure you are safe as well.

Picture of Has anyone ever done this? Will this make a massive explosion, or is there a gap?
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themattar9 years ago
Fuel air type explosives are too iffy for small scale fun, if there is too much wind,or if there are thermal updrafts or the ignition "mechanism" fails to ignite at the right time .you wont get a right fuel air mix and you will get a half-assed deflagration rather than a kiff explosion Check out thermobaric explosives it is a simple mixture consisting of 20- 40%powdered aluminum and any brissant high explosive (VOD in excess of 5km/s) it is preferable for the high explosive to have a high oxygen balance,so more aluminum gets burnt during detonation what happens is :....when the explosive is detonated you have the initial small blast which is the HE detonating .a few percent of the Al burns creating a lot of heat (white heat +1700 C),and additional pressure ,this sprays the superheated Al in excess of 3km/s.seeing as the aluminum is white hot it reacts with the air ,resulting in nearly all the Al being burnt simultaneously creating a secondary high pressure front (blast)
skunkbait9 years ago
I'm with Barefoot. I think it would need a high explosive to set it off. I'd set a low explosive charge to set off a larger high explosive charge, and I'd try to figure out the weakest point of the compressed bottles to make sure they took the brunt of the charge. I'd plant the whole thing in the ground in an old water heater or something. I've considered doing something like this to dig my pond deeper, but I don't want any frags to make it up to the house or car 150 yards away!
Rishnai9 years ago
Assuming I had access to a bomb range and the inclimation to actually build and test this, I would want to put some sort of frag or grapeshot in the explosive cylinder. Heck, I'd just use a claymore if I had the chance. This seems more likely to put holes in the oxy and mapp cylinders before things go flying too far for the gases to mix.
This would probably work with a high explosive charge to set it off. A steel tube full of Gunpowder would perhaps just blast the gas cylinders clear of the explosion. If a secure steel container was used to house both the cylinders and the Gunpowder charge, then it would perhaps work. But doing this type of thing is bordering on the insane and not to be recommended.
KentsOkay10 years ago
I have actually done something very similar, I have it in a forum topic Fireball Bomb That Works Like An A Bomb. You don't need an oxygen source (provided it's not underwater), just a reliable form of ignition and a way to release the gas.
i never did anything like that but today i made a bomb out of an empty olive tin with lid, hot glue, duct tape(which ironically is utterly useless on ducts), string, plaster of paris(not much, about 1/2 inch), fine black powder(only explosive in the whole thing), and fuse. when i set it off with my friend we put it in a small hole with a slab of wood about 3/4 inches thick over the hole and weighted the wood with a large chunk of granite(about the size of my shoulder) and 1/2 a fire brick(seems i dont have any wholes in all my 10 acres) when it went off we were standing about 15 ft away(yes i know im haphazard) and we both felt a shockwave and our ears were ringing a bit too. when we looked we saw it cracked the wood and threw the weights(not too far, about 2-3 ft), made the hole a bit bigger, and threw shrapnel about 5 inches into the ground(this is hardish clay type. not soft loam like most of you know)
I once detonated 12 pounds of ANNM. Sooooooo friggin loud! Twigs and leaves fell, I felt the shock wave hit my face, dust started billowing from the ground. (It took me a while to realize I was not hearing anything after the explosion, all I was hearing was a ring It probably one of the most devastating explosions I've ever created.
ANNM? not a clue, what is it???and do you know any links where i can get some nitric acid?
ANNM- Ammonuim Nitrate with Nitromethane.It's a type of ANFO plastic explosive (ammonuim nitrate fuel oil). However, you do need a blasting cap to detonate it. (I used a homemade blasting cap mafe from HMDT or Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine. ANNM is infamous due to it's involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing. I have no idea where you can purchase nitric acid online, but I have been able to make nitric acid from Potassium nitrate and sulfuric acid(from car batteries)which I concentrated. I've also been able to "borrow" some nitric acid from chemistry class.
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