Has anyone here had experience with Quirky.com?

Hi Everybody,
I stumbled on this website that can take an idea to production in an community forum. www.quirky.com/ Has anyone had experience with this? I'm considering it, but it's $99 dollars to submit an idea into the system. I don't want to just throw that out or get ripped off.

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kelseymh6 years ago
I have never heard of them, but I do know how to do Web research. 

Their street address is in a mixed use retail mall/business offices complex in New York. 

Their press contact provides a NYC cell-phone number on the Web site (so you don't actually know where they are). 

The domain is registered to a post office box in Vancouver, WA, with no human beings connected to it, just a couple of encrypted ("privacy") e-mail addresses.

Anyone can create really fancy, "professional looking," Web sites these days.  Dreamweaver is really amazing stuff, and there are lots of starving graphic designers.  Do some additional research (this question is a good start!), and decide for yourself before throwing money down a hole.
robbtoberfest (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
 Thanks; that sounds sketchy enough for me. Unless someone else has more info, I'll just sign in to investigate without the payment part.
Good luck!  If you do learn anything (positive or negative) please follow up, eh?
robbtoberfest (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
 So far it's a little confusing to navigate the site. It needs some kind of tutorial or clarity in design. I've posted some comments on ideas and voted for things, but I don't understand how a percentage of influence on products is figured out based on your input. But overall it feels pretty good.
They seem to be pretty busy and haven't responded too quickly to questions yet. I assume the busy because they have several job announcements as well.

I also found a site called Edisonnation.com which might be pretty cool. Any experience here with Edisonnation?
You probably want a separate forum topic for that, maybe with a cross-link reminding people of this discussion :-)
robbtoberfest (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
 Just did, thanks.

robbtoberfest (author)  robbtoberfest6 years ago
...Hmmm....my previous reply isn't here.  Let me try again.

Now that we seem to have someone from the company joining the discussion, perhaps it isn't quite as sketchy as I thought initially.  I hope that she participates, in particular following up to Lemonie's questions.  We'll see how things shake out.

If you learn anything yourself, I hope you'll follow up here :-)
robbtoberfest (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
 I'll definitely follow up and let you guys know. The company response here increases the credibility for sure. I'm going in tonight :)
Although you'd think so with names like those, I wasn't able to find any of the products as live registered trademarks. Excepting Wrapster which appears to belong to someone else.

Well, from this article, if your idea goes to market, you get 40% of 30% AKA 12%, and quirky get the license.
quirkyjess6 years ago
Hey there,

I'm Jessica, the Community Ambassador here at Quirky.com. I understand your concerns, and I hope I can clear up some of the misconceptions posted to this thread.

Quirky is a successful social product development company based in New York City. We have a staff of about 12, but we're quickly expanding our operations and staff. We currently receive about 40 product idea submissions per week from a global community of about 13,000. Our community is active, passionate, and loyal to the Quirky brand. Just take a look at our community forum, blog, and product comment pages, and you'll see how invested they are in our company.

I encourage all of you to check out our site thoroughly at quirky.com. The Learn section (www.quirky.com/learn) contains a wealth of information about the Quirky process. The About Us section (www.quirky.com/about) tells you a little more about our founder and team.

Also be sure to check out our Press section for links to write-ups in the New York Times Magazine, ABC News, and The New York Observer, among other media heavyweights.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any other questions and concerns -- questions@quirky.com.


Have you registered trademarks for your products? I find that "Wrapster" belongs to Package Machinery Company Inc - are you infringing upon their intellectual property or are you the same?

It's only infringement if there is a "likelihood of confusion", since one is a cord wrap and the other a consumer product wrapping machine (as far as I can tell) there would seem to be no infringement.
Thank you for joining the discussion!  It seems, from the description, that Quirky could be a good resource for some of the Makers here at Instructables, in a way complementary to Etsy. 

I do think that some of us would like to know more about things, especially the product naming and trademark issues that Lemonie has asked.  It would help us to have more confidence in an organization we have only just heard about.