Has anyone here taken a Coursera course.

I am curious, has anyone taken a Coursera course (https://www.coursera.org/).  They are free online courses.  I was interested in trying it out but wanted to see if anyone else has had any experience with them.  I have never taken an online course before so this is pretty new for me.  I would love to hear from anyone who has tried it.

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ChrysN (author)  mygoldsilver5 years ago
Fortunately I work part-time so it is a little easier for me to get the work done. I imagine it would be quite a challenge with a full time job. I am definitely enjoying it though and glad I signed up. I hope you have a chance to do it next year.
Goodhart5 years ago
I am literally having difficulties making time....as much as I want to get through the course
I should think you would have enormous difficulties literally making time. ;)
Well, after constructing my Wilson Cloud Chamber in shop class in 1973 (9th grade), I worked on the time thing. Einstein had beat me to it however, showing how time can be elongated....I just do not have the funds to "make it happen". *sigh*

And, btw, I am completely serious about the cloud chamber. I wish I still had it....it simply freaked my metal shop teacher out though LOL
ChrysN (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
I know what you mean. I am only working part time so it is a bit easier for me. But the first couple of weeks I felt overwhelmed. Luckily the course I am taking doesn't have too much homework but by the time you watch the lectures and read the section in the textbook it does require commitment to get through it all.
Goodhart ChrysN5 years ago
Yes, the lectures (one course had one lecture per week, about 40 + minutes long, and the other 3-7 lectures of 15 minutes a piece, per week....gaaaaah)
lemonie5 years ago
I asked myself  "how are they paying for free / making money?"
Do you know? it's not obvious to me.
And are these qualifications actually worth anything or just valuable as learning?

They're legit AFAIK. I think it may be similar to MIT's opencourseware project in terms of funding and whatnot (not for profit).

The qualifications aren't worth anything other than knowledge, unless the odd employer would accept them as evidence of [insert personal quality here] on a resume.
lemonie Kiteman5 years ago
(BTW, long time, no chat - how's tricks?)
Internet has been very very poor, today must be lucky for me or they fixed it.
Otherwise life is fun; I've got a big cynic's party to go to on the 22nd for "Let's see which of the New Ages that are supposed to happen on the 21st actually happened", and no work until after the season.

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