Has anyone made a Fitness Anywhere TRX themselves?

Has anyone tried to make one of these themselves? Somehow I don't think this is $150 dollars of material.


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Catapulls7 years ago
Here is a site that compares the paid suspension devices. http://www.bodyweightreview.com/ Have anyone tried to make a USA?
cory.smith7 years ago
I have made a set, and I will get some pictures up soon. Using carabiners and utility cord. I use my resistance band in a wierd way for the handles, it works really well. Total cost less than $15 bucks. and its fully adjustable. Pretty sweet really. I might even make it into an instructable. -Cory
Budser7 years ago

Yes!  See my instructable for The Chains , A.K.A. the "Ghetto TRX."  It requires about $60 worth of materials and 15 minutes of your time.


  • $189.95 (TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack) - $60 = $129.95 saved
  • Its two sides connect at the very top (the anchor point) enabling more movements (pull-ups for example).  
  • "Single handle mode" is simpler--just drop one of the chains!
  • Depending on the materials used, it can be made nearly weatherproof!
  • It can be used as a weapon


  • It's heavier.  The TRX weighs less than 2 pounds.  If you're looking for a lighter weight option, try using lashing straps (like this guy).
  • It can be used as a weapon
Chains Completed.jpgChainsVsTRX.jpgChainsExploded.JPGTRXandChains.jpg
The other day I found an old Angelfire page that includes instructions on making something that's quite TRX-esque: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/shenandoah/Grunt/Bodyweight.html

Hope this helps! I think I'm gonna give it a shot myself.
By the way I'm referring specifically to "The Ultimate Strap Hanging Exercise System," which is about a third of the way down the page.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Looks like you can just use a set of tie-down slings from the auto-supply place. Sew some loop handles or add some kind of handle grip by passing the sling through a piece of pipe if it is rigid. Bar tack, rivet, or sew repeatedly on the stress points. The polyester slings should be more than strong enough to handle the repeated wear and weight load. Attach it to the ceiling with a carabiner or two to hook on to a large screweye bolt in a stud somewhere. Maybe 50 bucks at the most if you get good materials. Good luck.
doc.walsh (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
That is what I was thinking. I am in the Navy and the Boatswains Mates have a high speed low drag sewing machine in the sail loft that can handle construction. I need to get my hands on one so I can make some measurements and give it a shot.
Dig around and see if there are any adjustable load straps that being "disposed" of. The buckles would allow you to adjust it to the perfect length to whatever you attach the rig to. There has got to be someone around you that can even take a piece of rope and do some fancy knots to come up with the same thing.