Has anyone made a knex car you can ride?

Well have they?

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Kiteman4 years ago
There's a full-size working Lego car now:


Nice find! :-)
hunter9994 years ago
Dang! That is awesome! I saw pictures of full size choppers built out of knex last night but this is way cooler!
JonnyBGood4 years ago
It's possible: given you; a) have enough pieces, b) build it structurally strong enough to hold you weight, c) the major problem, axles need to support the weight of the driver and the car (ussually I solve this with more wheels and shorter axles).

Anyway I know it's possible and given those few design concerns. I hope you still give a try building it.
It would also need a much stronger motor than the Knex ones. :-P But the axles would be one of the hardest parts to come up with.
look at this!
It could be pedal powered, like in the flintstones :D. Also, for the axle, it could be a ton of snowflake connecters on multiple black rods. But yeah, probably not the easiest project.
Yeah, as a little kid I was obsessed with the idea this was possible. My younger brother did create a giant wedge shaped block with wheels that he could roll around on but he used over twenty wheels on the bottom of it for support (meaning there were as many axles as wheels). As for the motors though if you used enough of them there might be enough torque to move the vehicle.
look at this!
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