Hate is fear, and fear is rot. That cankers root and fruit alike-Robert Graves

An interesting thing happened this morning, I normally get up a couple of hours before my wife, it gives me time to study and think. Well, this morning, about 7:30, I'm comfortable in a chair and a half by the front window, drinking my coffee and studying fluid mechanics for a test Monday when a car stops out front. I don't think much of it, then I hear the car door and I'm thinking "Great, they want to sell me something". But no, much to my incredulity, I hear spew forth a vitriolic stream of profanity and epithets directed at the campaign sign in my front yard. Now I'm not given to either panic or rage, and the door is still locked, so my response is more one of bemusement than anything. But later it occurred to me, regardless of any outcome come November, America is a deeply wounded and divided nation. How very sad.

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Doctor What9 years ago
It's strange what people are doing with some of the signs. I saw a defaced one that read

Obama (B replaced with S)
Laden (crudely written)
Tool Using Animal (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
A nice gentleman just came to my door, returning my sign found in the middle of the street. Pathetic, now I'm going to spend friday printing signs and have them ALL over my yard.
bumpus9 years ago
Wow. Its a shame.. And I dare say I can guess which candidate's sign you have on your yard.
I'm wanting to make a signs that says "Elect Palin, Tolerate McCain" :-)
if mccain gets elected and dies, then America is stuck with Palin, well, IMO your all doomed.
I think even Palin would be better than Obama, though.
hahaha thats the funniest thing i've heard this month. Kid theres a reason that Palin is boo'd at hockey games. Obama is what the country needs, he is about 5 points off of jesus, but scores 8 points for being real XD!
did you know obama's best friend was a terrorist?
oh, and he isnt friends with a terrorist at all. He was simply on the same committee as him, along with many other important people. It doesnt mean any of them are terrorist. Did you know that Sarah Palin doesnt believe in DINOSAURS! she thinks that they are fake
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