Have LEGO gunners beaten us?

I was surfing Youtube today, and guess what I found! GOOD ( yes, you heard it right, good) LEGO guns. Can you believe it? Here are some.
The Thriller Automatic LEGO crossbow pistol. ( Interesting mech.)
Bolt action LEGO crossbow. ( Based off of Thriller auto.)
LEGO Mini Pump Action Shotgun. ( Never seen this with K'NEX.)
LEGO Pump Action Shotgun. ( Some problems, but still.)
LEGO Sniper Rifle. ( Shoots MORE than 25 feet, DJ.)
There's LOTS more, but i picked out ones i first came across.
IMPORTANT NOTE: LEGO has more variety of pieces, so maybe that explains the innovation.

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Lowney8 years ago
Lego mechs are way better. 
But in the long run k'nex is more robust and easier to work with. There aren't many standard k'nex parts, but millions of legos. That means that more people could build a k'nex gun as there are no special parts.
lemonie8 years ago
Lego makes machines better, K'NEX is better for large structures. But I believe Lego builders have more interest in mechanism than range & stuff.
Good links

As a fan of LEGO since before I can remember, I agree with lemonie.
LEGO FTW! Knex can suck it!
Hows about this, drop a lego gun on the floor, it is now in abou 1000000 parts, now drop a Wrectangle, your floor now has a large dent in it.
NYPA (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
Hehe, good one. LEGO isn't very strong.
lemonie NYPA8 years ago
It depends upon how it's built. K'Nex is fragile in a lot of configurations.

NYPA (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks for 800th comment! Woohoo!
Knarez8 years ago
They can get more mechanical due to them actually build for it... But in terms of range, they wont come this far.

Also, how about you drop your LEGO gun. Have fun with that.
~KGB~ Knarez8 years ago
is it worth building your ZKAR bolt gun???
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