Have u ever had your heartbroken if so tells us what happen and how you got over it

This forum is about  heartbreak i know everybody has been through it, so share with us how you got over that point in your life,and what you learned from it. Remember dont give names and keep it clean.

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caarntedd5 years ago
Time. Just like getting burned, you eventually heal, but the scar remains.
Ick, i know that feel :P
arretamador5 years ago
Before I go on, I want you to know that your forum is a great idea and it offers a valuable form of support that most people need (a some point in thier life, we all love dont we?) thus, the negative replies to your question don't sound like they are from emotionally intelligent people. A few are obviously written by adolescent boys and "meatheads". If I were you i would feel embarrassed for them because they sound kind of dumb when you think about it. Therefore, I am going to ask you to ignore them and remember that "they look like idiots and you do not".

Healing a broken heart is not a problem that has one solution, because everyone experiences emotions in their own way. We are all different from each other in complex ways that we will never understand. This is why we cannot know how to heal a broken heart due to the complexity of human emotion. However, there are options available that can help ease the pain.
What I did was to physically move to another state and started a new life there. It was extreme and it was not the first thing I tried to heal myself. It was the final option I felt that I had and it was a hard thing to do. However, it worked and after three months I started to slowly let go of the pain I was feeling. I started to forget how sad I was because I was too busy adapting to a new job and a new life.
Good for you and I hope you continue to heal.
Hazeleyes101 (author)  arretamador5 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to read and understand my forum..The decision u made to move to another state seems like a good decision for you.I wish you well and bless u
OMG.........A broken heart question.....Well yes, I have had a boken hear,t but I was in my 40s when it happened. It is the most aweful experience and that is a fact.....It took me 6 months for the ache(real physical pain) to go away, 5 years to stop thinking about him and now 10 years later I realize it was a blessing. I will always love a man who was an alcoholic and gambler, whose problems kept us broke. Crazy but the breakup was the best thing for me. Good luck to anyone with a broken heart.
We are the miracle of force and matter making itself over into imagination and will. Incredible. The Life Force experimenting with forms. You for one. Me for another. The Universe has shouted itself alive. We are one of the shouts.

Ray Bradbury
ilpug Goodhart5 years ago
Ooh, can I be FUS ROH DAH?
A shout out to ya. May the Force be with you.
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