Head to Head Contest: You Choose.

I've decided to test an idea for some friendly competition. The rules are simple: two volunteer members will be given a week to create an Instructable based on a common subject. Whoever creates the better Instructable (higher quality, cooler, featured, most voted for, etc) will win a patch similar to the images below. Because this is the first run, and I can't think of a subject, the competing members will have to agree on a subject of their choosing. If there is a flood of volunteers, the community will vote on who they want to see face off. In this trial, I will allow up to four separate pairs to compete. If this doesn't make any sense, well, I just woke up! :P

The stats are as follows:

Lithium Rain VS. gmjhowe: Card, any kind of card, and it has to plug into a computer. Deadline: to be determined.

Matt1497 VS. watermelonhead : Duct tape hoodie. Deadline: 10th of August.

_x_VS._x_ :subject.

_x_VS._x_ :subject.

Picture of Head to Head Contest: You Choose.
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Matt214978 years ago
I have finished my instructable.
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Matt214978 years ago
Does watermelonhead need more time?
watermelonhead has to forfeit as shown in the comment below.
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Matt214978 years ago
I'm in Chelan for a week with no internet, so she can have another week extension.
I think so Just jump the headline up to the 17th cuz I dont no if she even started.
I did, but VERY sadly I'm going to have to forfiet

I lost my ducttape, and i've been looking for it, so um.
WEll talk to spl1nt3erc3ll and ask him for an extention.
PKM8 years ago
I volunteer to be in a contest, as long as it's something I can make. No k'nex :P
Sunbanks PKM8 years ago
I want to go against you! :D
You two would make for an epic battle!
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