Headphone Guitar Amp?

Hello all, I am just wondering if any one knows of any circuits for a headphone guitar amp? I have done the Altoids amp from the tape deck. It works great, but sound quality isn't too great. (it works great in a pinch though ;) ) I have been looking for some on Google and what not but haven't found any thing to useful. I am fairly new to electronics, I can build the stuff but might not know how it all works. Trying to learn ;) Thanks!

kubton10 years ago
The Ruby is awesome. This pdf show the how to add a head phone jack. Beside good for headphone it will driva 12" speaker no problem. Here is mine.
GeeKman (author) 10 years ago
I just noticed that in Make: Vol 9 (makezine.com) there is a $5 cracker box guitar amp. unfortunately I'm not sure how well it would work with headphones...
cornflakes10 years ago
Add this site to your favorites, you can find there any circuit you may want.