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I have a pair of headphones as seen by the freaky looking girl below (I got it off the site, that sure as hell ain't me). These are exactly the same model as what's in the link, but theres a couple things I wanna do to better suite me. First off, I think these are intended for kids? They don't sit on my head normally because the head strap is a little short (any ideas?) but they sit with the headband hanging off the back of my head just as good.

They may seem fairly "crappy" and the speakers they included with them are shitty, just normal headphone speakers, maybe a little larger than average but nothing special. I wanted to up-grade the speakers with something maybe a little bigger (the ones in here sound pretty okay tho). I tried to see if these small surround sound speakers I had would fit, and the magnet is about 1cm too deep so that's out of the question unless I want to remove a whole lotta plastic with my dremel.

So I had a second idea, what about using pager/cell phone motors (would ps2 controller motors work? I have lots of those) and either having them receive the signal directly which I'm sure wouldn't do much unless it was a small pager motor with a small voltage requirement. But, what about a simple circuit, kind of like this mod which uses the sound output of a PSP to drive a circuit that uses "seperate" voltage (ie battery pack) to drive the motor to the sound.

My general idea is to have a pair of headphones that feel like you have a giant subwoofer strapped to your head. I know it can be done, I know the circuit isn't that complicated, but probably has enough parts, can someone help me get a jump start on this? I'm sure modifications to a pair of headphones is fairly straightforward. Also any suggestions on a new type of speaker that I could install would be appreciated.

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Punkguyta (author) 10 years ago
Man that picture is just f***** creepy.
ll.13 Punkguyta10 years ago
........ I think ditto is the right word. xD
Punkguyta (author)  ll.1310 years ago
It's most likely a picture of "Califone's" CEO's "Special" daughter.
LMAO, she looks happy..... happy.... happy.... happ.... *yawn*... haaa.... *snoooozzz*
ll.13 KentsOkay10 years ago
you like her?
ReCreate ll.138 years ago
'(sarcasm}'Of course he does'sarcasm/'}...AH ITS watching ME
KentsOkay ll.1310 years ago
No LOL, I was hypnotized.... hypnotizzz..... hypnooo *yahhwwwnn*.... hyp.. ...hyy... *snores*
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NachoMahma10 years ago
. A transducer mounted just about anywhere on your head will conduct bass to the inner ear. Experiment with placement on the cups/headband/&c. A dual-coil transducer (with crossover) on the headband will probably work best (less weight).
Punkguyta (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
Huh what what? Placement eh? I was planning on putting one inside each earcup as theres nothing but empty space and the volume control knob on each side. Whats a dual coil transducer?
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